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Weekly Awards

Every Friday afternoon we have an Achievements Assembly where we reward pupils for working hard in class, for excellent behaviour, for being helpful etc. The child receives a certificate to take home.


We also celebrate WOW Writing where we give out awards for pupils who have tried their hardest that week to produce WOW writing.


At the end of each year we have a 'Celebration of Year' Assembly.

Achievement Awards - 10th November 2017




Reason for award


Florence R

For drawing different capacity measures on post it notes during choosing learning.

Yr 1

River S



Ethan T

For a massive improvement in his handwriting. Now beautifully sitting on the line!

For being absolutely amazing this week in all aspects of his learning! I couldn’t be more proud.

Yr 2

Daisy N



Preston G



Ramone F

For showing resilience in all her work and for making a great effort to share her ideas this week.

For fantastic observations in Science and for making some great behaviour choices this week.

For excellent use of resources and arrays to support his understanding of multiplication.

Yr 3

Chloe L


Lucy W


Farah H

For outstanding effort and superb input during class discussions.

For persevering in Maths when faced with challenging problems.

For her fabulous Maths work.

Yr 4

Eesa A


Tommy G

For working hard to practise his work classes today.

For his patience and kindness helping others in Netball.

Yr 5

Daisy K


Kian B



For her fantastic postcard that she wrote in writing group. Well done!

For his fantastic postcard that he wrote in writing group. Well done!

For her resilience in Mathematics and completed division questions independently.

Yr 6

Thomas W



Ellie F


Ryan W


Emmie T

For taking a risk and reading his report to the class, even though he was very nervous!

For excellent focus and enthusiasm in Mathematics.

For working really hard in Maths and producing a really good ‘Explain it’.

For her helpfulness and resilience during PE lessons especially – your support to others has been wonderful to see.

WOW Writing Awards - 10th November 2017




Reason for award


Maisie B

For brilliant ideas and beautiful handwriting.

Yr 2

Oliver M

For writing a super explanation text about how tasks are completed in Space. Well done for including questions and expanded noun phrases.

Yr 3

James D

For his limerick about a jam-eating man from Japan.

Yr 4

Steve C



Joe D

Aiden G

For an amazing descriptive piece, paragraphed, punctuated and full of detail and interest.

For a very thoughtful character profile.

For a fantastic and insightful character profile.

Yr 5

Alfie A

For working hard in groups and producing a fantastic postcard.

Yr 6

Ryan O

For using his reading skills of retrieval, interpreting and review to give his opinion clearly on the Elgin Marbles.

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