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Curriculum Intent


At Oakfield Primary School we aim to provide the highest possible quality of teaching and learning through a curriculum that is stimulating, challenging, exciting and memorable.  As an inclusive school we are committed to educate and develop all our pupils and give them equal access to a broad and balanced curriculum which not only includes the National Curriculum and R.E. but also includes personal, social, health education and citizenship.


At Oakfield Primary School we have designed our curriculum to meet the specific needs of our pupils and our community. We have identified key curriculum drivers:


  • to be an effective communicator
  • to use creativity
  • to gain greater knowledge of the wider world – places, people and cultures
  • to create ‘memorable moments’

At Oakfield our curriculum intent focuses on what children learn but also how children learn. We encourage pupils to become independent learners – we want children to be resourceful, show divergent thinking and resilience when trying something new or facing a challenge so that they are prepared for the next stage in their education.  Our ‘Learning Toolkit’ provides a weekly whole school focus through assembly and during our day to day life at Oakfield.