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At Oakfield Primary School we aim to provide the highest possible quality of teaching and learning through a curriculum that is stimulating, challenging, exciting and memorable.  We put the curriculum as our first priority in School Development Planning and regularly review our curriculum to ensure that it is motivating to the pupils.  As an inclusive school we are committed to educate and develop all our pupils and give them equal access to a broad and balanced curriculum which not only includes the National Curriculum and R.E. but also includes personal, social, health education and citizenship.

What does your child learn at school each day? Find information about our curriculum subjects here.  Find out about our Learning Toolkit further below.

Learning Toolkit 

At Oakfield we ensure that all children understand how to become independent learners.  Taking control of their own learning and making good decisions about how they tackle obstacles they may encounter.  We cover a variety of skills that are taught through assembly and during our day to day life at Oakfield.

Find out more about the Learning Skills below.  

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