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Mighty Oaks 'Outdoor Learning Day' - 1.11.18

Despite the downpour of rain during the day, the children had an absolutely fabulous time collecting materials, building fires, constructing dens and cooking on an open fire.  The children learned lots of important skills as well as enjoying their environment.

Reception - Linked their den building for their superhero teddies to their 'Superheros' topic.  They used natural materials and used skills such as teamwork, communication and imagination.

Year 1  -  Linking it to their topic 'Senses', they used the touch sense to go on a sensory hunt to find Autumnal textures encouraging them to use adjectives to discuss how they feel.

Year 2  -  In line with their topic 'The Solar System' they looked at the size of the planets by recreating the solar system with chalk.

Year 3 -  Collected fuel for the fire, they chopped and sawed logs and whittled sticks.  They roasted marshmallows and cooked bananas with chocolate!

Year 4  -  Explored Autumn leaves, sketched leaves focussing on shape and pattern.  They collected leaves to make collage leaf animals as well as used salt dough to make leaf sculptures.

Year 5  -  Built dens using the scenario that they are at a base camp of a mountain and setting up camp to protect them from the elements to tie in with their 'Man vs. Mountain' topic.

Year 6  -  Found kindling to build fires and flints to light them.  Made butter from a jar and double cream.  Toasted crumpets on whittled sticks.