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Tours for Prospective Parents

We are currently offering the following dates for prospective parents and their children to visit our school to see a normal school day.  You will be able to ask any questions you may have.

In order to give you the best opportunity to see the school we aim to take round SMALL groups, so please telephone the school office on 01268 734343 to book a day and time.

Tuesday 16th October 2017             9.30am    1.30pm

Thursday 19th October 2017           9.30am    1.30pm

Monday 30th October  2017            9.30am    1.30pm

Thursday 2nd November 2017         9.30am    1.30pm

Tuesday 21st November 2017          9.30am    1.30pm

Wednesday 29th November 2017    9.30am    1.30pm

Tuesday 5th December 2017           9.30am    1.30pm

Wednesday 6th December 2017      9.30am    1.30pm

Thursday 7th December 2017         9.30am    1.30pm

Friday 8th December 2017              9.30am    1.30pm

Monday 8th January 2018               9.30am    1.30pm