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The Treehouse Project

What we are working on:


The Treehouse Project has been a vision for the past 18 months.  The vision is to create a space that pupils, parents and staff can access for various purposes that will benefit them, their mental health and well-being, as well as that of the wider community.  These include: work with the Children's Society, SEN review meetings, group work, individual and group counselling sessions, school nurse visits, workshops, adult classes, loneliness awareness and much, much more.


There are 2 phases to this project - 1) building and 2) interior, including security.


Phase 1 - Building

1.  Acquiring funding for the building project (partial funding acquired and a 30% contribution from Friends of Oakfield)

2.  Dual Space building: Work space / classroom, sitting room and comfort zone, fully functioning kitchen and a disabled toilet. (see design layout below)


Phase 2 - Interior & security

1.  Acquiring funding for the interior and furnishings etc including securing the premises, key pad gate and fire alarm.

2.  Completing The Treehouse


*Please see pictures below - regular updates will be posted.