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Weekly Awards

Every Friday afternoon we have an Achievements Assembly where we reward pupils for working hard in class, for excellent behaviour, for being helpful etc. The child receives a certificate to take home.


We also celebrate WOW Writing where we give out awards for pupils who have tried their hardest that week to produce WOW writing.


At the end of each year we have a 'Celebration of Year' Assembly.

Achievement Awards - 31st January 2020




Reason for award


Koby O



Ethan E




Isabelle K

For thinking of some very creative endings to the Gingerbread Man and sharing them with the class.

For really trying hard with his face monitor skills this week! We have noticed a huge difference in your handwriting.

For consistently extending her learning in choosing time!  Always wanting to do that bit extra!

Yr 1

Max T



Yasmine C



Thomas E

For your amazing drawing of shadow puppets on Paint, really taking your time thinking about the shapes.

For noticeable working harder and listening better as well as being a good friend.

For working hard in Letters and Sounds and trying his best.

Yr 2

Archie C

For being a conscientious and reflective learner who is really making an effort to improve his work.

Yr 3

Ronnie L


Izabelle Q




Ethan S

For persevering in Maths this week working on fractions.

For a detailed descriptive poster on the Romana Goddess ‘Juno’.  Well done Izabelle for using good adjectives to describe her character.

For working hard and moving up a level in swimming.

Yr 4

Olivia O



Ella-Mai E



Ethan K



William R

For working really hard and making great progress in Maths this week – she is really very skilled at multiplication!

For working really hard and making great progress in Maths this week – she is really very skilled at multiplication!

For having an absolutely fantastic week!  He has worked so hard, especially in maths.  Keep this up!

For writing an independent story retelling the myth about Thor.  The description was fantastic and made a great myth.

Yr 5

Jay R




Farah F


Joshua O

For turning it around and having a fabulous end to the week in Maths, working hard to improve his division skills.

For hard work in both planning and writing during literacy.

For persevering in Maths and not being part put off if he couldn’t remember from the day before.



WOW Writing Awards - 31st January 2020




Reason for award


Penny L

For working hard in Letters and Sounds and applying new digraphs in writing.

Yr 1

Adam E

For your improved confidence writing independently, segmenting your sentence.

Yr 2

Lilia S

Producing the most stunning story with inverted commas, conjunctions and adjectives.

Yr 3

Lewis W

For writing information on a Roman God using similes.

Yr 4

Jessica G

For taking such pride in her work and striving to achieve her targets.

Yr 5

Isaac F

For the imagination and awareness of the characters point of view in his WW2 writing.

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