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Weekly Awards

Every Friday afternoon we have an Achievements Assembly where we reward pupils for working hard in class, for excellent behaviour, for being helpful etc. The child receives a certificate to take home.


We also celebrate WOW Writing where we give out awards for pupils who have tried their hardest that week to produce WOW writing.


At the end of each year we have a 'Celebration of Year' Assembly.

Achievement Awards - 28th May 2021




Reason for award


Oliver M




Lily A



Frankie L




Liberty-Rose L



For absolutely amazing us all with his wonderful writing in choosing learning!  You are working so hard and I am so proud of you!

For always giving 110% effort into everything and anything she does!  Lily you are so resilient and an Oakfield role model!

For being so independent and focussed in choosing time this week, you have done amazing learning and been such a good role model!  Well done.

For a HUGE improvement in her handwriting and independent writing this week - so proud of your hard work and determination, Libby!

Yr 1

Class 3



Kaelen G


For all working incredibly hard on your independent story writing! You have all progressed so much!

For always coming into school with a smile on your face and having such an enthusiasm for learning!

Yr 2

Beau L


Alexander T



Ruby R

For showing excellent listening skills and for writing a spectacular script.  Well done.

For displaying good teamwork skills during our den-building activity on Outdoor Learning Day.

For amazing work in Geography, giving clear instructions for position and direction including North, East, South and West.

Yr 3

Elliot D



Isabelle S


Max F

For his hard work in maths this week by learning to tell the time and completing lots of work for this.

For her perseverance during maths.  Even when stuck, she doesn't give up.  Well done!

For his impressive vocabulary choices in writing today!

For his impress


Yr 4

Joshua S

For participating in Music with his beautiful singing and dancing.

Yr 5

Yr 6 

Jack P



Aiden K

For considering and thinking about your DT work with such care so that you achieve your future life goals.

For fantastic DT work on taking an active role in building an ambitious vehicle.  Well done!

WOW Writing Awards - 28th May 2021




Reason for award

RecConnie NFor her excellent choice of vocabulary to write a descriptive piece of writing.

Yr 1

All of Class 4For amazing me with the improvement in their writing and writing FANTASTIC stories!! I'm so proud of you all!

Yr 4

Tyler B

For using amazing vocabulary in his writing.

Yr 5Anya DFor her beautifully written and structured recount based on Cortes.

Times Tables Rockstar Awards- 21st May 2021




Reason for award

8Ava-Grace EFor logging onto TTRS and completing all of her homework.  Well done!
10Lewis SFor logging onto TTRS at home and earning over 500 coins.

Sumdog Awards - 21st May 2021




Reason for award

5JaKe McFor 100% accuracy on Sumdog this week.
5Sophie SFor her dedication to her Sumdog learning.
6Lucy RFor answering the most correct questions in Class 6.
6Lucas HFor his dedication to Sumdog learning this week!
8Harvey TFor answering loads of questions in the competition to help us.
8Sam AFor playing the most amount of minutes in the competition!
10Ava BFor answering the most questions correctly on Sumdog this week.
10Harry SFor earning over 9,000 coins on Sumdog this week!
11Jimmy MFor coming second in Class 11 during Sumdog Competition Week.
11Oliver MFor coming first in Class 11 during Sumdog Competition Week.
12Anya DFor her amazing knowledge and dedication in Sumdog.
12William RFor his amazing skills on the national competition.  Well done!