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Weekly Awards

Every Friday afternoon we have an Achievements Assembly where we reward pupils for working hard in class, for excellent behaviour, for being helpful etc. The child receives a certificate to take home.


We also celebrate WOW Writing where we give out awards for pupils who have tried their hardest that week to produce WOW writing.


At the end of each year we have a 'Celebration of Year' Assembly.

Achievement Awards - 28th June 2019




Reason for award


Adam E


Darcie L




Daphne D






Poppy H

For amazing us with how confident he is to find 1 more and less.

For doing brilliant Maths work this week!  You made massive progress in maths and showed great confidence with 1 more and 1 less two digit numbers.

For doing really well in all areas of her learning this week and adapting to new changes very well.  Daphne, you have shown respect, resilience and have been very reflective in what you have done!  Well done!

For working so hard in handwriting lessons.  You are taking time and it shows – your handwriting is so beautiful!

Yr 1

Millie L


Matthew B


Maisie B

For always being a good friend and getting along with everyone in the class.

For working exceptionally hard in Literacy and Mathematics this week!

For brilliant ideas and expression in our poetry slam this morning!

Yr 3

Riley C


Kelsey M


Daisy N

For putting his maximum effort into everything he’s done this week!

For always working to the best of her ability and being kind to others.

For always being kind and growing in confidence throughout the year.

Yr 4

Emily H


Harry D

For making progress with her reading this term.

For working hard (and increasingly independently) in maths.

Yr 5

Lily S



Poppy N


Dolce W

For working independently on her maths work.  She can now multiply 2 digits by 2 digits.

For always working hard and getting lots done, especially when writing.

For the extra effort she’s putting in to improving her reading and reading more books.

Yr 6

Billy B



Daisy K


Lenny P

For his fantastic attitude when undertaking challenges this week – your positivity, as always is infectious!

For resolving an issue with kindness and maturity.

For having a fantastic attitude towards learning and school.

WOW Writing Awards - 28th June 2019




Reason for award


Isla G

For working so hard on improving her handwriting.

Yr 1

Riley W

For a fantastic story with consistently joined handwriting, use of suffixes and punctuation.

Yr 3

Kyan D

For excellent technical language whilst writing a balanced argument.

Yr 5

Lily S

For her amazing argument.

Yr 6

Stephen H

For his succinct postcard written as Bruno; you included key details and feelings!  Well done!

Times Tables Rock Star Awards - 28th June 2018




Reason for award


Belle S

For earning the most points in class 7!


Mia H

For achieving a rock speed of 4.38 seconds per question.


Jay R

For working on his table FIVE times this week!


Isabel D

For the greatest contribution during the battle between Class 11 & 12.


Sam T-J

For working on his times tables every day.

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