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Weekly Awards

Every Friday afternoon we have an Achievements Assembly where we reward pupils for working hard in class, for excellent behaviour, for being helpful etc. The child receives a certificate to take home.


We also celebrate WOW Writing where we give out awards for pupils who have tried their hardest that week to produce WOW writing.


At the end of each year we have a 'Celebration of Year' Assembly.

Achievement Awards - 15th October 2021




Reason for award


Sophia A



Ronnie S


For amazing grapheme recognition and blending skills this week in Letters and Sounds.

For his brilliant eagerness to learn - no matter what the subject!

Yr 1

Troy C



Charlie B



Frankie L

For being a superstar all week, getting all of your stickers and working hard in your learning!

For working independently during Literacy and staying on task when he is meant to.  Great work this week Charlie.  Keep it up!

For amazing maths work, showing he was confident splitting any number into tens and ones.  Great work Frankie.

Yr 2

Ava G


George M

Lola H

For working really hard to practise counting in 2's every day this week.

For practising his number bonds to 100.

For her amazing art work.


Yr 3

Alexander T

Denny H


Thomas E

For the hard work and effort he is putting into his writing.

For always choosing to make the right choices and always one of the first ready!

For his resilience to learning by not giving up first time, especially in maths work.

Yr 4

Brogan B



Jacob S


Florence H


For putting in excellent effort into his Maths work and showing great determination to get through it all.  Well done.

For his fantastic enthusiasm and effort in Mathematics this week.

For her wonderful ideas in Literacy this week and her amazing focus in Art too!

Yr 5

Caitlyn C


Lewis W


Lawson A

For a fantastic effort in Maths, you have tried really hard!

For always being super helpful, perfectly behaved and trying hard in this work.

For his great work in Maths this week.

Yr 6

Adam A

For his resilience shown coming back to school.

WOW Writing Awards - 15th October 2021




Reason for award

Yr 1

Amelie LFor working incredibly hard in your independent writing, giving it a go and being resilient!
Yr 2Ellie BFor her fantastic version of Mrs Armitage on Wheels, including a range of punctuation, suffixes and amazing handwriting.
Yr 3Zoe SmithFor remembering to use the features of a playscript in her work and for the beautiful presentation.
Yr 4Berny-Ray CFor improving his handwriting, having great consideration for what vocabulary is used and for writing a 'spooky' poem.  Well done!
Yr 5 Izabelle QFor her amazing writing in Literacy.
Yr 6Sophie DFor her fantastic piece of writing on 'The Minator'.  Fantastically structured and a joy to read.

Times Tables Rockstar Awards- 2021




Reason for award


Sumdog Awards - 2021




Reason for award