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Welly Week - May 2021

For Welly Week, Year 5 headed back over to the fire-pit for more of the most engaging type of learning … anything that involves food!

The day before, the children visited the herb garden and identified the mint and rosemary plants. Once the fire was lit and had settled down, billy cans of water were placed over the flames and new potatoes were boiled with our two selected herbs. While they cooked, Miss Chiverton led half the year group in traditional campfire songs, including actions and some amusing facial expressions (as you can see in the photographs!).

Meanwhile, the other half of the year got in with finishing their David Attenborough inspired jaguar ‘documentaries’ they had started previously. Small groups could be seen darting in and out of the trees with an iPad until they were done when they congregated in the pagoda or under a tree to sit together and stitch the videos together using iMovie.