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Year 4

Hello new Year 4s...


Mrs. Fittock, Mr Stainsbury and Miss Townson are so excited to welcome you into Year 4, in September


During the summer holidays, we would like you to start finding out about Ancient Egypt - our first topic when we get back.  
We would love to display, in class, any art, fact posters or booklets which you make at home during the break.  We will give you an opportunity to talk about the interesting things you discover at home about Ancient Egypt!  Like, for example, did you know that Pharaoh Ramesses the Great had around ONE HUNDRED children?  It must have been difficult for him to remember all of their birthdays...except that the Ancient Egyptians didn't celebrate birthdays! 


Below are some other ideas of things you could try, if you find you have some spare time in the summer holiday.
Have a lovely break, everyone!  See you all, soon!