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Business Interests

Oakfield Primary School - Governing Body Register of Business Interests - November 2019    
Reconstituted under the 2012 Reconstitution Regulations  on 1st November 2014    
Total Number of Members 9:    Headteacher, 3 Parent Governors, 1 LA Governor, 3 Co-opted Governors, 1 Staff Governor
Name Category of Governor Business Interests Relevant Relationships  
Mr Nigel Bear Co-opted Governor Employed by Ford Motor Company

Treasurer - Friends of


Mrs Lynda Coetzee Associate Governor Deputy Headteacher, Oakfield Primary School None  
Mr Deri Hollywell Parent Governor Engineering Manager, Ford Motor Company None  
Miss Chloe Jenkins Parent Governor Barclays Bank PLC - Vice President, Payments CIO / PCB Technology None  
Mr David Knight LA Retired

Committee Member

Friends of Oakfield

Mrs Pauline MacMillan Headteacher Headteacher, Oakfield Primary School None  
    Lead Ofsted Inspector    
Mrs Nicole Nazareth Co-opted Governor Employed by LA, ICT Technian, Oakfield Primary School None  
Mr Eugene Niemand Co-opted Governor Employed by ASOS None  
Mr John Pregnall Staff Governor Employed by LA as Class Teacher at Oakfield Primary School  None  
Mr Steven Swaby Parent Governor Head of Finance, Industrial Chemical Groups Ltd None