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Intent for RE

At Oakfield Primary School, one of our curriculum drivers is for pupils 'to gain greater knowledge of the wider world - places, people and cultures'.  We want pupils to explore and develop their life experiences outside of where they live, to learn about other cultures and modern religions so that they gain a greater understanding to prepare them for life in modern Britain.


We believe in teaching every child to find their place in a world that is ever changing.

Remembering the words of Anne Frank, “If we cannot learn to live with each other regardless of race, religion or colour, to respect each other, to understand and enjoy what makes us different as much as what makes us the same, then we will never have peace and we will eventually destroy ourselves.”


At Oakfield Primary School we have a broad and balanced curriculum which 'promotes the spiritual, moral, cultural, social, mental and physical development of pupils and of society, and prepares pupils for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of later life'.

Through spiritual development, we aim for pupils to develop:

  • the ability to be reflective about their own beliefs
  • a sense of enjoyment and fascination in learning about themselves, others and the world around them
  • use of imagination and creativity in their learning
  • a willingness to reflect on their experiences.

By exploring the concept of religion and belief, pupils develop moral awareness and social understanding. They learn that not everybody is the same, and why this is okay.


RE plays and important part in personal development and well-being in helping pupils to become successful learners, confident individuals and responsible citizens.

RE provides opportunities to promote fundamental British values, defined as democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect and tolerance for those with different beliefs. Through these lessons, our pupils gain an understanding of how to challenge stereotypes, racism and discrimination. They learn to celebrate diversity. This contributes to promoting a positive and inclusive school ethos that champions democratic values and human rights in the context of modern Britain. 


At Oakfield Primary School, we plan and deliver our RE lessons around the locally agreed syllabus by Essex SACRE (September 2022) with an RE curriculum based on a multi-disciplinary approach. RE is rooted in three key areas: theology, philosophy and the human / social sciences.


Theology is thinking through believing. It is about asking questions that believers would as. It requires pupils to think like theologians, or to look at concepts through a theological lens. Pupils will explore questions and answers that arise from inside religions and world views.


Philosophy is thinking through thinking. It is about asking questions that thinkers would ask. It requires pupils to think like philosophers, or to look at concepts through a philosophical lens. Pupils will explore questions and answers raised through considering the nature of knowledge, existence and morality.


Human / Social Sciences is thinking through living. It is about asking questions that people who study lived reality or phenomena would ask. It requires pupils to think like human and social scientists, or to look at concepts through a human / social lens. Pupils will explore questions and answers raised in relation to the impact of religions and worldviews on people and their lives.


In Key Stage 2, Oakfield pupils deepen their RE understanding in a variety of ways. They visit religious places as well as enjoying visits at school, engage in personal reflection and response and discuss religious and philosophical questions as a class. By the time they leave Oakfield Primary School pupils have learned to be respectful, tolerant and to embrace diversity. Through their RE lessons, they have gained an understanding of different religions and beliefs and why they exist, as well as considering their own values and views and their own place in the world.


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Local places of interest:

Wickford and Runwell Parish

South Essex Islamic Trust

BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir, Southend-on-Sea

Westminster Abbey

Greek Orthodox of Cathedral of St Sophia

The Jewish Museum

The National Gallery