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Spring 2024



Oakfield Primary School has been participating in 'Meat Free Mondays' since September 2023, joining over 3000 other UK schools in a movement that was launched in 2009 by Paul, Mary and Stella McCartney. 

The aim of Meat Free Monday is to help protect our planet and our future as the growth of global animal agriculture is having alarming environmental consequences. In a nutshell , cows = methane = greenhouse gas = global warming! If we all try and eat one meat-free meal a week this could reduce consumption by 9000 tonnes a year, saving over 200,000 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions. Moreover, our personal health will benefit too! 

Oakfield lunch menu on Mondays will continue to be only meat-free options.  We encourage the children who bring packed lunches to school to also bring a vegan option on a Monday too. 

As we are trying to become an Eco School this also falls into the healthy living category and the Eco Council will be trying to encourage the whole school including the staff to participate, because the small difference we make as a school can contribute to a more sustainable future. 

For further information on the benefits of going meat-free, recipes and how to get more involved please follow the link-




As part of our Eco Schools  'Marine' topic we kindly ask that your child brings a reusable bottle to school for them to refill at one of our water stations.


Thank you for your support.