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In KS1 we teach reading discretely within our daily Letter and Sounds sessions.  Within these sessions children have the opportunity to apply their ‘word reading’ skills.  During our reading lessons in English, we concentrate on ‘comprehension skills’.  We combine all these skills and use them, when appropriate, across the curriculum.


In KS2 children have already been taught a range of ‘word reading’ techniques, so a greater emphasis is placed on teaching ‘comprehension skills’.  Reading lessons are planned and taught weekly, either within English lessons or through a cross-curricular approach.


Across the school, each classroom displays our school reading skills poster and children have access to reading skill cards.  These are referred to whenever an opportunity to apply them arises.  In addition, children have access to table resources to support hem in using their reading skills within lessons. 


Please click on the links below to find:

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