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Eco Council 

Oakfield has a new eco-council consisting of 21 members from Year 1 to 6. These members are making positive changes to make our school even more eco- friendly and in turn helping our planet. All members are passionate about protecting the environment. The eco-council meet regularly with Mrs Pinchback to plan and deliver environmental projects and inspire their school friends, staff, parents and the wider community.

Primary Award for Green Education 





A huge congratulations to the Eco-Council and Mrs Pinchback for achieving a highly commended award from the Primary Awards for

Green Education in Schools. See below the message sent to the school from Peter Littlewood, Director of Young People’s Trust for

the Environment.


'Thank you for taking part in the Primary Awards for Green Education in Schools (PAGES) 2024. I am delighted to inform you that Oakfield Primary School’s project ’Learning to Love Earth that little bit more...' has been Highly Commended.


Almost 35,000 young people were involved in the creation of entries for this year’s competition. It was fantastic to see the diverse approaches that schools in the UK

are taking to delivering environmental education to their children. The young people’s passion and commitment really shone through! With over 270 entries received, it was a very difficult decision to select our award winners, so you and all of the children involved should be very proud.


It was great to read about all your fantastic Eco activities at Oakfield Primary School - you have certainly been very busy! We really liked the Pledgehogs idea and your outdoor learning curriculum sounds very exciting too. Well done on your Meat Free Mondays! We wish you lots of luck with this and all your future endeavours

at Oakfield.


Congratulations once again to all of the children and staff who took part in the creation of your entry.'


With best wishes

Peter Littlewood


Eco-Schools’ Green Flag with Distinction


Oakfield Primary school are delighted to announce that they have been awarded a prestigious Eco-Schools’ Green Flag with distinction!


This academic year, the Eco council received international accreditation for their exceptional work in promoting sustainability and raising environmental awareness throughout the school.


The Eco Council and Mrs Pinchback focused on 3 key issues: litter, marine and biodiversity and they participated in various Eco- related activities such as, making Eco pads for the school staff from paper recycling, introduced Meat-Free Monday, planting wildflower seeds in the school grounds, weekly energy and water checks around the school, setting up litter picking in key stage 1 and 2, putting bird feeders and a squirrel cafe in the wooded area and recycling their used pens to reduce landfill. They also were involved in Cutting Carbon month, Welly week and Earth day.


The Eco team at Keep Britain Tidy noted the following about Oakfield's Eco Schools application:


Thank you for deciding to join the Eco-Schools Programme this year. Your Eco-Committee have shown great determination and chose to work on more than three Eco-Schools’ topics! 


Your curriculum link examples are impressively extensive and varied, showing your school’s integration of environmental issues across a variety of subjects and year groups. 


The list of organisations and charities you have worked with is both impressive and extensive.


Our team was impressed with your whole school approach and the teamwork involved in making the school eco-friendly. You have adapted and delivered inspiring projects with positive impacts.